5 Healthy Habits To Adopt After A Back Surgery

5 Healthy Habits To Adopt After A Back Surgery

Back pain is among the leading causes of disability globally. Over 80% of adults in the United States suffer from back pains which limits their activeness. However, chronic back pain that doesn’t respond to non-invasive treatment can indicate a severe structural problem with your spine. Luckily, the minimally invasive Roswell back surgery will solve all your spine care needs. Our Polaris Spine & Neurosurgery team understands the debilitating pain and offers the best surgical treatments. Nevertheless, if you don’t follow your doctor’s post-surgical recommendations, you will endanger your spine again. Here are five healthy habits you should adopt after back surgery.   

  1. Avoid sitting for prolonged hours

Sitting for extended hours after the surgery strains your lower back, tightening your surgical wound. Since many people don’t maintain a good sitting posture, our specialized team advises you to stand and carefully stretch after every half hour. Although prolonged sitting won’t cause pain, stand and walk around to allow your spine to function effectively.

  1. Avoid smoking and drinking alcohol

Smoking significantly contributes to back pain, and any form of nicotine will delay your post-surgical healing process. Nicotine inhibits the growth of your bone, making it difficult for procedures like spine fusion.

Alcohol beverages are a depressant, and you must have the right state of mind for a quick recovery process as a surgical patient. If consumed with muscle relaxants and narcotic pain medications, alcohol will cause sedation which is harmful to a post-surgical patient.

  1. Get enough continuous sleep

Post-surgical pain and medications can disrupt your normal sleeping cycle. Many patients frequently take a nap after the surgery, affecting their usual sleeping patterns. It may take time before getting back to normal, but our doctor’s advice is that you can take medications that will balance your sleeping pattern.

Practicing good sleep habits, avoiding caffeine, and developing pre-sleep rituals like reading books will make it easier to fall asleep. Your spine rebuilds fast when you rest your body during sleep. Maintaining a good posture while sleeping is also vital for your spine recovery.

  1. Eat nutritiously and drink plenty of water 

Healthy eating is essential for your spine recovery process. Eating food rich in fiber quickens your spine healing process. This will help you avoid constipation which causes strains on your back. Also, stay well-dehydrated by drinking plenty of fluids to prevent constipation. Our specialized doctors will recommend the best meals to eat to help recover fast.

  1. Avoid lifting heavy weights

Just because you are physically fit to lift heavy weights, you shouldn’t ignore the fact that you have a surgical wound that needs healing. Excessive straining of the lower back opens the wound and invites harmful infections in the surgical wound. Our doctors will guide you on time to rest and highlight how many pounds to lift after a couple of weeks. 

Adopting lifestyle measures after a back surgery will speed up your recovery to normal daily activities. However, following the guidelines requires a high level of discipline and commitment. If your back pain deteriorates, you may need an urgent spine check-up. Contact us at Polaris Spine & Neurosurgery Center in Atlanta and schedule an evaluation with our spine specialists.

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