Reasons You Should Visit a Fertility Specialist

Reasons You Should Visit a Fertility Specialist

You may think you will get pregnant once you try getting pregnant. Although this is possible for most people, others might not get pregnant immediately. Even if you don’t get pregnant within a few months after trying to conceive, you can give yourself a year’s grace period. Reaching out to a New York, NY fertility specialist will determine if you are infertile when you fail to conceive within a year. Sometimes you might not follow health conception tips when trying to get a baby. These are reasons to see a fertility doctor when trying to start a family.

They Guide Through Conception

You may conceive within the first month when starting a family or take several months to get pregnant. However, you will see a fertility doctor before the conception and discuss your plans. The fertility doctor will offer supplements like folate and zinc before you try conceiving. These supplements will improve your fertility, making it possible to implant an egg into the uterus. You may need to continue with the supplements and eat healthily after conception to promote the growth of the fetus.

They Treat Infertility

Infertility might be permanent or temporary, and a fertility doctor will diagnose and treat infertility. For instance, you might have temporary infertility if you are prone to hormonal imbalance. Thus, the fertility doctor will recommend the right hormonal therapy to deal with infertility issues. On the other hand, they would diagnose permanent infertility issues such as fallopian tube blockage and deal with it effectively.

They Guide Couples When Starting a Family

Sometimes the couple could have infertility issues without knowing the exact partner with a problem. Thus the fertility doctor will check the quality of eggs from the female to ensure they are healthy. If the eggs are healthy, they check the sperm quantity and quality to determine if the man has an issue. If both sperm and egg quality are okay, they may treat issues such as Rhesus factor problems which affect the ability to carry a baby to term and to give birth to a healthy child.

They Offer Alternative Fertility Treatments

You may opt for egg or sperm donations if one of the partners is infertile. The fertility doctor might test the donor to ensure their sperm or egg is viable to create a healthy fetus. They may recommend IVF, especially if the woman has issues like blocked fallopian tubes or unhealthy eggs. Moreover, you can opt to use a surrogate to carry the baby to term if you4 uterus is not healthy.

They Treat Uterine Fibroids

Sometimes uterine fibroids growths which form in your uterus prevent implantation. Thus a fertility doctor would diagnose and treat the uterine fibroids. They may cut the blood supply to the fibroids through minimally invasive procedures or perform open surgeries to remove the growths.

Although you might be among the people who become pregnant when they try once, many people face infertility issues. Thus, you should see a fertility doctor before starting a family, as they offer the best advice and treatments to improve your fertility. For instance, they will recommend supplements before, during, and after pregnancy which improve the health of the mother and the baby. They will treat temporary infertility with hormone therapy and IVF. They may recommend surrogacy and egg donations if you have permanent infertility issues.

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