Severe Pain from a Shoulder Injury? Seek A Specialist

Severe Pain from a Shoulder Injury? Seek A Specialist

Dislocating a shoulder can be very painful and uncomfortable. Such pain can result from a sports injury when playing your best game, working out at the gym or in any strenuous activity. You might not notice that you got the injury but come to feel excruciating pain afterwards. When this happens, you will get provoked to search for a specialist in sports injuries Lawrenceville. With your search, you will find many recommendations but only go for the best.

When searching for solutions to your pain, you will come across many suggestions. It is essential to visit a specialist who knows how to handle your case to avoid further injuries and complications. There is often a temptation to perform some remedies on yourself, but you must be careful to avoid hurting yourself any further.

 As a sports person, you are at more risk of these injuries during your activities. You must know how best to prevent some of these injuries to stay free from the excruciating pain and frequent visits to the doctor. However, when you get a shoulder injury, don’t hesitate to seek help from a specialist.

How to prevent shoulder injuries

Although shoulder injuries are common among most athletes, you can prevent some of them from happening. Here are some ways to prevent them.

Maintain a proper posture

A proper posture is essential for an athlete. Staying seated for an extended period during work or class, can cause stress to the shoulders. Sitting in the wrong posture during these hours could turn out wrong for your shoulders and general body outcome. Try to maintain an upright posture and use the right seat for school or work.

Get stronger

The shoulder has a ball and socket joint. The socket is made up of ligaments, tendons and muscles. These can easily get damaged if the joint is unstable. Pullups, among other exercises, can help strengthen the muscles and prevent further injuries. Dr Suzanne Manzi can help craft a proper routine that will help improve such injuries.

Rest and Rehab

Never underestimate the value of resting. In most cases, doctors advise you to take a day off or two for the body to rest and regain its rest. Just as machines wear and tear due to excessive use, the body is prone to undergo the same without rest and time to heal.

Rest is critical after activities that involve intense shoulder movements. Putting ice on the shoulder will reduce inflammation and ease any pains you might be undergoing. Otherwise, resting will help heal and repair any ligament and tendon tears.

Contact a specialist in case of an injury

If you are having excruciating pain from your injury, don’t hesitate to see your doctor. If the pain is mild, home remedies can help offer relief from pain before seeking professional intervention. Performance Pain and Sports Medicine is your go to place if you are struggling with joint pains. Book your appointment online or via a call to get liberated from shoulder pain.

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