Signs and Causes for Alcohol Blackout

Signs and Causes for Alcohol Blackout


Consuming alcohol excessively can result in blackout and a temporary memory loss, this can happen to anyone of any age according to the consumption of alcohol. According to studies around fifty percent of people, who drink alcohol may experience blackouts. 

The signs of alcohol blackout

Blackout and passing out are two different things, so do not get confused with them, it is also known as syncope, which is a loss of consciousness for a temporary time where the person can’t show voluntary behavior. Having a blackout because of alcohol consumption involves memory loss even when you are awake and conscious. 

Alcohol blackouts are caused when you drink in an amount that your body is not capable of handling, and that leads to impairment of the brain. There are two different kinds of blackouts faced by people when they are drunk. 

It is not good to get into an addiction; you can now know about blackout drunk meaning and get help from Detox To Rehab. Asking for help is not a weakness, instead, it requires a lot of strength to ask for help in such cases. Take a step ahead to a better future by treating your addiction and making your system clean. 

It is very challenging to find the symptoms or the signs of blackout as people are capable of engaging themselves in complex behavior. The following are symptoms of intoxication that include:

  • Having a headache
  • Feeling dizzy
  • Pain in muscles
  • Difficulty to speak
  • Changing vision
  • And not being able to recollect what had happened. 

What are the causes of blackout?

Blackout mainly occurs when the BAC level in your body is high and the alcohol gets overloaded in your bloodstream that results in blackout. Addiction to alcohol or drugs is bad so seek help from a professional to overcome this dependence and live a better life. 


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