The Advantages of Total Hip Replacement

The Advantages of Total Hip Replacement

Have you ever had a serious accident or fall that made you suffer from serious hip joint pain that does not respond to other treatment forms? In such cases, total hip replacement is recommended to help alleviate hip pain leaving you comfortable and able to perform activities that require you to walk or sit. However, the procedure is usually considered when all other conservative treatment options are ineffective. Therefore, if you are considering undergoing the procedure, Chevy Chase hip replacement ensures you receive the best case by utilizing the available advanced technology. Discussed below are the advantages of total hip replacement.

  • Has a high success rate

One of the primary reasons that most people consider before undergoing a total hip replacement is its success rate. A total hip replacement procedure in orthopedics is complex, but its success rate is high. Therefore, it is safe and effective if performed on the right patient. It is a durable way of treating many concerns associated with the hip joint, including hip injury and rheumatoid arthritis.

  • Alleviates pain

Most people undergo total hip replacement surgery to relieve hip pain, especially when other consecutive treatments are ineffective. As a result, a total hip replacement effectively reduces hip pain giving your nearly complete or complete relief from arthritic pain. After which, you can perform your daily chores comfortably without pain.

  • Improves your hip function and mobility

Once your hip pain is dealt with, the function of the joint also increases, thus increasing mobility. Undergoing a total hip replacement surgery allows you to resume walking without discomfort or restraint. Improving the functioning of your hip joint is noted, especially if the cause of your hip pain is hip arthritis. In this case, you can climb stairs, get up from a chair, and put on socks easily because you are no longer experiencing pain.

  • Provides long-lasting results

Hip replacement is said to provide long-lasting pain relief to concerns caused by hip arthritis. According to research, eighty to eighty-five replacements are still effective twenty years after replacement.

  • Relieves family members and caregivers

In most cases, after a hip injury, you cannot effectively participate in activities of daily living, thus requiring you to have a family member or caregiver look after you. You cannot live alone because unless you use a wheelchair, it is difficult to move from one place to another, and if u have one, you need someone to help you get in and out of the wheelchair. Therefore, hip replacement helps you resume daily life activities, which gives your family members and caregivers free time because you can handle and take care of yourself. It also reduces the pressure and stress they undergo while nursing you to ensure you are at peace and comfortable.

Have you been experiencing persistent hip pain that is not responding to other forms of treatment, and you are tired of bearing the pain? Hip replacement provides long-lasting relief. Therefore, if you are interested in learning more about total hip replacement before undergoing the procedure, call Gautam Siram, MD, today.

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