Top Cosmetic Surgery Procedures Worth the Risk

Top Cosmetic Surgery Procedures Worth the Risk

Cosmetic surgery procedures include innovative surgical techniques to improve appearance. There are procedures to enhance various body parts according to your liking. Among the most popular techniques, including breast augmentation, eyelid surgery, and liposuction. It’s advisable to work with a professional and experienced specialist to achieve safe and effective outcomes. Besides, ensure you have realistic cosmetic goals and expectations. The Fort Worth cosmetic surgeon at Polavarapu Plastic Surgery, PLLC, offers top-notch cosmetic surgery services to give you the best possible results. This article describes some of the plastic surgery procedures.

Breast augmentation

Breasts enhance a woman’s beauty. Breast augmentation is among the most sought-after surgical procedures. It allows women to enjoy their preferred breast size and shape.

You may benefit from breast augmentation if you wish to resize your breasts, replace lost volume, restore contour or correct a health condition. You may also combine a breast lift and a breast augmentation procedure to get excellent results.

Your provider develops a personalized treatment plan to meet your targeted goals. They may recommend breast implants that contain a saline solution or a silicone gel. Your provider guides you on the best approach depending on your preferences, breast anatomy, and cosmetic goals.

The cosmetic surgeon administers general anesthesia before the procedure to ensure your comfort. They carefully make incisions intending to reduce the number of scars. The surgeon artistically makes the incisions in strategic places and places the implants.

Breast augmentation occurs within 1 -2 hours. Your provider explains what to expect during recovery and gives instructions to promote healing and recovery.


 Excess fat in your body may alter your natural body contour. Liposuction eliminates the unwanted fat from specific body areas, allowing you to enjoy a flawless body contour. It is not a weight loss procedure but can have a significant difference in your weight loss journey.

Your provider inserts a hollow tool under the skin and draws the fat away using a high-pressure vacuum.

The Polavarapu Plastic Surgery, PLLC, team offers various types of liposuction procedures.

Ultrasound-assisted lipoplasty involves using ultrasonic waves to dissolve the fat. The tumescent technique uses a saline solution to swell the fat and enhance its removal. For the super-wet technique, Dr. Polavarapu administers a smaller amount of the solution into the treatment areas.

You can use liposuction to eliminate unwanted fat in your hips, abdomen, thighs, buttocks, upper arms and knees, neck, and chin.

Tummy tuck

You may need a tummy tuck if you have loose and sagging skin around the stomach. It helps tighten the skin and repair the muscles to enhance a slim and flat stomach.

Different reasons may cause sagging and loose skin around the abdomen, including pregnancy, aging, weight loss, and heredity issues.

Usually, your provider performs a comprehensive exam to review your health and determine whether you are a good candidate for a tummy tuck.

Your cosmetic surgeon may also offer nonsurgical procedures such as Botox, fillers, chemical peels, and laser hair removal.

Consult with the Polavarapu Plastic Surgery, LLC cosmetic surgeon today to find out which procedures may benefit you.

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