Using Cannabis for Cancer Relief

Using Cannabis for Cancer Relief

Many people face cancer, a tough part of life. According to, about 39.5% of men and women may get cancer at some point. This doesn’t include the many affected loved ones. Whether you’re battling cancer, in remission, or know someone who is, it’s hard, both emotionally and physically.

At The High Note, we often see cancer patients who find relief using cannabis. Cancer brings many symptoms, from physical to mental, and cannabis might help ease them. Nausea, appetite issues, depression, anxiety, and fatigue are common challenges for people with cancer. Let’s explore how cannabis could offer relief for these issues. Also see this cannabis delivery service

It’s important to note that more research is needed to confirm cannabis’s effectiveness as a medical treatment. While early findings and customer feedback are promising, consulting your doctor before trying anything new is crucial.

Terpenes & Cancer:

Terpenes, the oils in cannabis, are getting more attention. Each cannabis strain has different terpenes, which give it its unique smell, taste, and effects. Here are some ways terpenes might help with cancer and its treatment side effects:

Terpinolene: Thought to slow brain cancer cell growth.

Pinene: Shows anti-cancer activity, especially against liver cancer.

Humulene: May inhibit tumor growth and has antibacterial properties.

Limonene: Known for anti-inflammatory and anticancer effects.

Ocimene: Shown to inhibit the spread of various cancer cells and enhance sensitivity to chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

Cannabis Strains & Cancer:

Different strains may help with various symptoms. Here are some common strains and their reported effects:

ACDC (Chronic Pain): CBD dominant, good for pain relief.

Super Lemon Haze (Nausea and Vomiting): Helps with nausea.

Blue Dream (Nausea): Eases nausea.

Grand Daddy Purple (Loss in Appetite): Stimulates appetite.

Skywalker OG (Loss in Appetite): Increases appetite.

Wedding Cake (Nausea and Appetite Loss): Aids with nausea and appetite loss.

Super Silver Haze (Depression): Uplifts mood.

Black Jack (Depression): Boosts mood.

Girl Scout Cookies (Depression and Appetite Loss): Balances mood and appetite.

Strawberry Cough (Fatigue and Depression): Boosts energy and mood.

Big Smooth (Anxiety): Calms nerves.

Cannabinoids & Cancer:

Delta-8-THC: Has antiemetic and anxiolytic properties.

THCA: May inhibit cancer cell growth.

CBG: Shows promise in inhibiting tumor growth.

THC: Helps with pain, nausea, and inflammation.

CBD: Might enhance certain cancer treatments.

Cannabis Products & Cancer:

Flower: Traditional way to consume cannabis.

Vapes/Disposables: Discrete and easy to use.

Tinctures: CBD and THC options available.

Marys Medicinal CBD tinctures and capsules: Offer a variety of formulas.

It’s important to consult with a doctor before trying cannabis for cancer relief.

Supporting Cancer Patients with Cannabis Education

In addition to exploring the potential benefits of cannabis for cancer relief, it’s essential to prioritize education and support for cancer patients. Many individuals may feel overwhelmed or uncertain about incorporating cannabis into their treatment plan. Therefore, providing accessible and accurate information about the different strains, cannabinoids, and consumption methods is crucial.

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