What to Expect From a Mini Face Lift

What to Expect From a Mini Face Lift

A mini face lift is a less-invasive alternative to a full face lift. It uses fewer incisions on your hairline to lift sagging skin on the face and neck. Scottsdale mini face lift will lift your skin and improve your facial appearance. You can expect an improvement in your appearance, especially if you have a double chin.

Are you a good candidate for the procedure?

You are a good candidate for the procedure if you have slightly saggy skin on your face and neck. Your doctor will perform a physical exam to ascertain the amount of loose skin. They will recommend a suitable treatment plan.

How can you prepare for the surgery?

During the consultation, your surgeon will discuss the dos and don’ts guidelines of what you can do to prepare for the procedure. You can implement the following:

  • Avoid smoking for two weeks prior to surgery
  • Avoid taking aspirin and anti-inflammatory medication
  • Avoid foods or supplements that may hinder blood clotting
  • Eliminate alcohol

What happens during the procedure?

Since it is less invasive than a full face lift, a mini face lift uses small incisions near your ears and hairline. Once in the surgery room, your surgeon will place you under general or local anesthesia, depending on the intensity of the procedure.

Next your surgeon will make small incisions on marked areas. They will remove excess fat and skin and manipulate the tissues beneath for a tighter finished look. Once done, your surgeon will stitch you up and send you home to recover.

In some cases, your surgeon might combine a mini face lift with a brow lift or eye lift for a refreshed look. Consult with your doctor and discuss what other procedures might benefit you for outstanding results.


You can return to work about a week after the procedure since it uses fewer incisions than a full face-lift. Your specialist will give you guidelines to follow during recovery:

  • Use pain medication when necessary
  • Avoid smoking to promote healing
  • Keep the treatment areas clean    
  • Do not apply makeup until you are fully recovered

Risks and complications

The expected side effects of the procedure include swelling, bruising, and pain. Although rare, you should watch out for signs of infection that can include:

  • Severe pain
  • Chills and fever
  • Oozing and bleeding from your stitches
  • Loss of feeling due to nerve damage

How long do the results last?

The results of a mini face lift can last up to 10 years when you can go for another procedure. Your daily skincare routine will help maintain the results you will receive from the procedure. Practicing a proper skincare routine, like using recommended moisturizers and protecting yourself from the sun, will benefit your skin in the long run.

If you have a little bit of loose skin on your face, visit Arizona Ocular & Facial Plastic Surgery for a mini face lift surgery. You will meet qualified specialists who can help you with your skin concerns. Call or book an appointment online and enjoy youthful-looking skin.

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