Why Birth Control Is Good for You

Why Birth Control Is Good for You

Having an unwanted pregnancy can be devastating because having a baby is a lifetime commitment. You could still be pursuing your studies or chasing your career to have enough resources to care for your baby in the future. Perhaps you have made a personal choice not to have kids, so birth control is your only way out. Fortunately, a Forest Hills birth control expert can tailor the right birth control solution depending on your hormonal and health status.

Is birth control the best remedy for unwanted pregnancies?

Studies suggest that all birth control methods are not 100% effective, as many women have been reported to get pregnant despite being on them. Each woman is different, making it necessary to choose a birth control method that suits their body. For example, oral pills have been proven to prevent pregnancy and reduce the risk of ovarian and endometrial cancer. Some even suggest that they can prevent ectopic pregnancies and acute pelvic inflammatory disease.

Fortunately, a Raveco Medical birth control expert can advise you which one is right for you. As you ponder which family planning method is right for your body, learn which ones are available in the medical industry. They include:

  1. Intrauterine devices (IUDs)
  2. Oral contraceptives
  3. Patches
  4. Implants

Why are most women on birth control?

Contraception effectively allows you to dictate how many children you want and when you want to have them. Some use contraception to dictate how far apart they want their children to be. For example, if you plan to have three children, you might use birth control to space them three years apart so that you don’t feel overwhelmed caring for them should an unwanted pregnancy occur. Finally, some couples use contraception when they want to stop having children.

The health benefits of birth control

As a woman, you want to be in control of your body, particularly if you intend to prevent unwanted pregnancy. The health benefits of birth control include the following:

  1. Allows people to pursue their ambitions

Women have different reasons for spacing or delaying babies. Some may want to pursue their education or career goals. They want to pool enough resources to fend for their existing and future kids. It is an effective method of empowering people so they can earn more.

  1. The ability to give birth and raise healthy babies

Poorly timed pregnancies lead to improper care of babies. For example, if you already have a one-year-old baby and are already pregnant, the baby might not enjoy its infancy. You will also feel overwhelmed by nursing one while carrying the pregnancy to full term. Birth control gives you the power to nurture your kids to the fullest.

  1. It reduces pregnancy-related risks

A woman with reproductive health issues or whose body is still immature is likely to face pregnancy-related risks, making birth control an effective method to put it on hold.

Talk to a contraception expert today

Whether you want to stop having kids or plan to have them a few years from now, a birth control expert can help you plan your way around it. Schedule your appointment online to consult with your birth control expert.

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