Why Opt For Root Canal Treatment Over Extraction?

Why Opt For Root Canal Treatment Over Extraction?

Chipped, cracked, sensitive teeth, dark discoloration, and swollen gum, among other instances, can impact your dental wellness. These common tooth decay symptoms can impact dental functions, including biting, chewing, smiling, and speech. You may be thinking about extraction, a permanent solution, but this means losing the tooth. Root canals Greenpoint, Brooklyn, NY, provides an alternative that addresses the above issues while preserving the affected tooth. Among the top reasons to consider root canal treatment includes the following:

Painless procedure

Root canal treatment is virtually painless. The treatment and the recovery process are not painful and uncomfortable, as is the case with an extraction. This is more so with modern techniques, including effective anesthesia, that makes the process much faster and painless.

Saves the tooth

An aching tooth can give you sleepless nights, and the simplest solution may seem like an extraction to eliminate the pain. An extraction means you lose your natural tooth, which impacts dental functionality. Your bite and chew functions take a blow since the missing tooth leaves a gap, impacting the pressure distribution. The gap can also affect your speech and smile, especially considering the location. Root canal treatment preserves your natural tooth, easing your quest to retain your striking looks and dental functionality.

Healthier jaw

After tooth extraction, the gap left means the jawbone doesn’t get the stimulation needed to facilitate healthy development. The jawbone starts to deteriorate, exposing you to more dental health concerns. A weak jawbone means your teeth can easily fall off. Moreover, the gaps left by the missing tooth provide an environment for particles to accumulate, trap bacteria, and spread infections. The gum can easily be infected, which spreads to the jawbone and teeth, resulting in more problems. Root canal treatment helps avoid such concerns, improving your overall dental health.

Stop infection from spreading

A root canal treatment is designed to treat and stop dental infections from spreading to neighboring teeth. The treatment targets the infected pulp, which is the main culprit of the tooth cavity or decay. If untreated, the pulp can spread the infection to the neighboring teeth and gum, resulting in more dental problems. Root canal procedure involves infected pulp removal and treatment, preventing further spread.


At face value, an extraction looks like a faster and cheaper solution to an aching tooth. Nonetheless, in the long run, it can be costly. You may need to fill the gap, especially as new dental problems start to develop. Maintaining oral hygiene also becomes trickier since the gap impacts brushing and flossing efforts. Such concerns can dig deeper into your pocket as you strive to maintain dental health at its best. After root canal treatment, you won’t have to worry about such concerns, making it more cost-effective.

Aesthetic appeal

Retaining your natural tooth does much more than improve the bite, chew, and speech function. Your smile is restored, and since the jawbone won’t deteriorate, causing a sunken shape, you will retain your striking looks for an extended period.

Root canal treatment is effective as you strive to address dental concerns, including tooth decay and cavities. It helps avoid tooth loss and is virtually painless compared to extraction. Contact Brooklyn City Dental today for more on root canal treatments and all your dental health needs.

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